M.F. Moody


Mythic Cover

What happens when Mundane, Altered, and Mythic shifters collide?

Despite her best efforts, Mythic shifter Sarai finds herself back at Reficio after a very public and humiliating meltdown. There she meets Aodhán, an Altered shifter whose past trauma hides more than either of them realizes.

Something is very wrong in the shifter world. Cyril signed up to uncover and dismantle operations that could hurt the shifter community, but the rabbit hole goes deeper than even the Shifter Council President anticipated.

Thrown together by circumstance, emotions run hot when mate bonds form between the trio. When the worst occurs and one of their own disappears, not only do they have to navigate their way through their mating but what they discover blows everything they thought they knew apart.

This book is set in an interlinked universe with shifters, fated mates, knots, heats, and where the FMC doesn't have to choose. It contains mature content, language, violence between shifters in both human and animal forms, scenes of torture and scientific experimentation, mentions of past abuse and infidelity, and scenes of a sexual nature including M/M. It is intended for audiences 18+. If you're not 18 or older, put the book down and go ask your parents. Go on, shoo!

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