M.F. Moody

Fraternizing with Monsters

Fraternizing with Monsters Cover

Get ready for an education of a different kind...

No one was prepared for how the world would change when the monsters came out from under the bed. Their horns and tails and fangs incited a terror at first, a fear for a future where humans were the main course. A future that has never come to pass.

Instead, they walk among us as equals.

Eating at our restaurants. Shopping in our stores. Even going to our schools.

That hasn't stopped the hate groups from popping up. My father is a high-ranking member of the largest hate group in the nation. His prejudice has kept me under lock and key for my entire life. Even in college I find myself joining the sorority with the same ideals.

Or so I thought.

I seem to have caught the eye of my handsome TA. There's only one problem... he's one of them.

Thinking my sorority sisters would help talk me out of the sinful things he whispers, I'm in for quite the surprise when they have stories of their own.

It seems we all have trouble following our parent's rules. Instead, we're seeking out an education of a different kind.

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