MF Moody


Disconnect Book Cover

Is it better to stay, or simply walk away?

Allee Duggan is trying to move on with her life. A new city, a new house, and a new job could be the perfect opportunity for her to venture out of her protective shell. Attempting to find the way back to her once vivacious, courageous, and generous self, Allee struggles to find balance and happiness.

At her job, she meets Noah Bligh, who, attracted to and intrigued by her apparent shyness, begins to gently pursue Allee in hopes of a friendship, and possibly more. Yet the past continues to dog Allee's every move. The nightmare she escaped has managed to track her down, and begins a systematic campaign of terror.

Faced with this series of events, Allee is forced to make a choice – confront her fears and nightmares in the hopes that she can win, or run once more and lose all that she holds dear.

Warning: This book may contain particular triggers for certain people. It contains scenes of sexual abuse and violence, violence and abuse against animals, and stalking. It also contains swearing and scenes of a sexual nature.

If you find any of these unsettling or they are triggers, this book may not be for you.

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