M.F. Moody

Altered: Part One

Altered: Part One Book Cover

What happens to shifters when their world is torn apart?

Meeting your fated mate is the ultimate relationship goal for Mundane shifters, a blessing from the cosmos itself. For snow leopard shifter Sila, it's always been a distant possibility, not a looming reality, so she's stunned to find him already in attendance when she arrives at Pred Academy. However, her budding dreams are shattered when she is brutally and publicly rejected and humiliated.

The Reficio Establishment is home to Altered and Mythic shifters alike. For Altered shifters Bash, Nox, and Kane, their lives forever change the moment a feral Sila moves in, and the Three Beasts find themselves tamed by her feisty snow leopard.

If you enjoy sassy, sarcastic FMC's with a low tolerance for bullshittery, grumpy dire wolves who need to pee on everything, surly sabertooths who hate everyone, and prehistoric cave bears who wear frilly pink gingham aprons when they cook, pick up a copy today.

This is part one of a paranormal romance duet, and is set in an interlinked universe with shifters, fated mates, knots, and heats, and where the FMC doesn't have to choose. It contains mature content, language, and scenes of a sexual nature. It also contains content depicting past abuse (both physical and sexual) that some may find triggering, and is intended for audiences 18+. If you're not 18 or older, put the book down and go ask your parents. Go on, shoo!

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